Are You Interested in a Semi Inground Pool?

Then stop in and let one of our pool coordinators show you how Brothers 3's pools are constructed. There is a reason why we have been Long Island's top choice when it comes to semi inground pools. Once you see the differences in material and strength, you will be able to make intelligent choices based on what will be best for your own personal backyard needs.

The Radiant Difference

You may be asking, 'what is a Radiant pool?' The short answer is that they're the most versatile, long lasting, and energy efficient pool on the market. Let us explain:

Versatile These pools can be installed fully aboveground, fully inground, and any depth in-between. They can also be installed on any slope without need of an additional costly retaining wall.

Long Lasting Radiant Metric pools offer a non-prorated, fully transferrable Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your pool. What's more, If a Radiant Pool owner should sell their pool, directly or through the sale of their home, the new owner is issued their own Lifetime Warranty Certificate. Full Winter Coverage also protects your investment against harsh winters year after year, something no other pool warranties against.

Energy Efficient Thick R-10 Insulation saves you 30% on your annual heating costs whether they be electric heat pumps, natural gas, or propane. The pool will pay you back every year in energy savings, and they are the only pool manufacturer to be an Energy Star partner.

Some local pool companies take any cheap pool they sell and offer them as Semi Inground pools

Are You Being offered Rolled Wall Steel Pools as a Semi Inground?

Those Pools are NOT Designed as Semi Inground Pools, they are thin walled pools and do not have the strength or protection to last a Long Life Span in the ground. Just because a store is selling a pool as a Semi Inground Pool does not mean it will last. They are just making pool sales, not caring about the happiness of their customers a few years down the road.

Please Do not let companies waste your hard earned money on products that are above ground pools being masqueraded as semi inground pools.

The price might sound enticing, but you stand a real chance of completely wasting your hard earned money. Once you come in to see the differences you will know exactly what we are talking about, then it will be easy to make the educated choice. Stop in today and see how beautiful your backyard will be with a Brothers 3 Pool as the focal point. We look forward to assisting you and answer any of your questions.

Photo taken of a yet to be backfilled Brothers 3 semi-inground pool post-Hurricane Sandy with no damage done.

Photo taken of a yet to be backfilled Brothers 3 semi-inground pool post-Hurricane Sandy with no damage done.