D.E. Filters - For the Very Best in Pool Filtration

There are several different types of filtration systems available for the maintenance of your swimming pool water. There are D.E. filters, Sand filters and Cartridge filters to name the most popular filter types. However, sand filters and cartridge filters are significantly less effective than D.E. (Diatomite) in actual water purification. In addition, their run time will far surpass D.E. systems and cost you more in electricity in addition to the inferior water quality they provide your family.

D.E. Filters will give you the very best in filtration and have the ability to purify your water to levels much better than any other type of system.

D.E. Under a Microscope

D.E. Under a Microscope

As a matter of fact, DE filtration has been employed in many food and beverage applications for more than 70 years and was used specifically to filter potable water during WWII. Since then, it has been used to produce high-quality, low-cost drinking water. D.E. filtration is currently one of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) approved technologies for meeting the requirements of the Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) and is most suitable for small communities. 

There are many different types of D.E. filters offered for swimming pool maintenance in our industry today. However, at Brothers 3 we try to give you the best of both worlds. We carry the finest models available. Offering you the very best in filtration, however at the same time the models we recommend are the easiest and most convenient for you as a homeowner to maintain.

Sand and Cartridge filters could never give you close to the level of purification that you will receive with the D.E. filters offered at Brothers 3. You will save with our D.E. systems in many ways. You will have less electrical consumption, less chemical usage, and the peace of mind knowing that your pool water is safe and sparkling clear for you and your family...just like the best drinking water.

When purchasing a new filter for your pool, don't let stores talk you into buying inferior filter systems that are in their best interest, not yours. Diatomaceous Earth systems provide the greatest long-term payback with lower daily runtime and less expensive media replacement.

Demand the best and get the filter that will keep your pool safe and clean for many years to come. Stop in to one of our showrooms and we will go over all the options intelligently with you. We'll even give you a starter lesson to get you acclimated to these systems if you're not experienced with them to get you going.

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