Come see the Finest Pools money can buy. Brothers 3 has an incredible selection for you to choose from. We have pools for every situation and budget. See why so many Long Islanders have chosen Brothers 3 to be their pool company for all of their swimming pool needs for the past 58 years. Quality products, Reliable service, and a staff who truly cares about you and your families swimming pool needs.

We have Fully and Partially Decked Pools, Fenced Pools, Fully Decked and Fenced Pools, that come in the Round, Oval, and Freeform shapes. If you've have pre-existing structures you're working with whether it be a deck, pavers, or even just a tight space, our knowledgeable pool professionals will be able to guide you in the right direction. We've seen it all in the past 58 years, just give us an idea of what your needs are, and we will come up with the Right Pool at the Right Price for you and your family that will be enjoyed for years to come.

These Super Strong pools will turn your backyard into a summer time resort. It's family fun every day. Enjoy quality family time at home in your own Brothers 3 Swimming Pool. Manufactured Right Here on Long Island.

Our pools are a great value; Ruggedly Built with SUPERIOR QUALITY and STRENGTH  that is unmatched by any other pool in the industry. They have contemporary style that will stand up to all the wear and tear a family can give it for many years to come.. 

So Relax. Cool off. Have all your friends over for pool parties and a summer time of fun. Your backyard will be a place the whole family enjoys, and all your friends will envy.

Buy Right the First Time and There Won't Be a Second Time

Value and Price are two entirely different things. We strive to make your pool purchase be the most valuable it can be, because if is, your lasting memory will be of it's value, not it's price. Not a week goes by that we don't hear pool customers of ours utter the phrase 'this pool doesn't owe me a thing' when talking about their pool that has often seen their children AND grandchildren make memories in. Now that's value! 

Also another point to consider: it is truly a shame that many people save hard earned money for years to take a vacation that only lasts just a few days, maybe a Week or so, and when it is over what do they have left? Memories, photographs, and charge bills?

Don't let that happen to you. Let Brothers 3 Pools turn every day into a vacation in your own backyard.
Brothers 3 Pools can Turn Your Vision into an Incredible Reality. Stop In and See How We Can Help you.