Fantastic Payment Choices!

Brothers 3 Has the Very Best 0% Interest Plans Available. Stop in and go over our actual choices to see which plan best fits your own personal needs. We can make it work.


When handled properly, the purchase and financing of your new swimming pool becomes a very simple and seamless process. It's easiest to have the financing arranged by experienced professionals. Your swimming pool will enhance the beauty of your home for many years. Allow us to use our many years of experience to easily guide you through the entire process. 

For this a simple procedure Brothers 3 has teamed up with Wells Fargo, one of the largest and most reliable providers of home owner financing. Whether or not you have equity in your property, whether your credit is impeccable or less than perfect, we have a variety of programs available to fit most situation family's needs and situations. 

Starting the Process Wells Fargo our main financing resource has made the loan application process very easy for Brothers 3 customers. Simply stop in to one of our showrooms and our pool professionals will be able to explain your various pool financing options and the maximum amount for which you may qualify, subject to credit approval.

Once you decide to proceed with the program, we will be able to guide you seamlessly throughout the process.  The entire procedure is quick and easy, and it just takes minutes to do. 

It’s Just That Simple! 

Brothers 3 Pools wants to make your new swimming pool project a simple process. We will be there to give you advice and guidance in all areas throughout your purchase.