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A pool heat pump is the most cost effective
way to heat your pool

Heat Pumps are not complicated appliances and require very little maintenance. They rarely have problems and fixing them is relatively simple, much easier than gas heaters. 

The heating process is slower than a gas heater, but once the desired temperature is reached, it can be maintained for a long time without expending much energy and at little cost to operate.

Our customers who were looking for the most efficient and cost-effective way to heat their pools on a continuous basis have been choosing heat pumps from us for many years now, and are so glad they did. With the cost of gas, oil, and electricity continuing to rise, heat pumps have become an even better value right now.

The preliminary cost of buying a heat pump is higher than a natural gas or propane heater. However, the money saved from the energy-efficient heat pump far outweighs the cost of of a gas heater. For customers who only use their pools occasionally and are looking for a fast way to heat their pool, a gas heater might be the way to go. However, if you are a person whose routine includes swimming laps in the pool at different times each day, then a heat pump is a much greater addition because it maintains the temperature of your pool at the temperature you desire all the time and a much lower cost of operation than any other method.

Buying a 'Heat Pump' Pool Heater

When deciding to purchase a pool heater, it's important to put things into proper perspective. A swimming pool heater will help increase your Pool Fun and certainly Maximize your Investment. The process represents a Long term Investment, with the opportunity of real operating returns on your investment. Provided you make the right decision. Buying a heat pump pool heater is all about long-term logical thinking. Gas pool heaters give you the fastest results, however with EXPENSIVE operating costs.
Brothers 3 Heat pumps give steady results with Very Impressive & Inexpensive operating costs that are also environmentally friendly at the same time.

Still not convinced? Click here to view your annual savings compared to different types of heating systems.