Finally a Quality Spa at an Affordable Price

The Urbaniaspa by InnovaSpa is a truly unique spa. For an incredible price you can have a hot tub that seats 5, with 16 jets all while being exceptionally power efficient, running on a 110V line which almost all of us have existing outside our homes already. The polyethylene shell will hold up season after season without chipping or breaking like how traditional acrylic can do, and often does.

Powering the tub is a 2-speed 2HP pump that will let you feel the force from each of its 16 jets, and with the included easy-to-access valve, flow can be reduced or increased with a flick of the wrist. Many spas have either too many jets or too small of a pump (or both) to let you get the true therapeutic value from your hot tub after a long day's work, but not with the Urbaniaspa.

Although the spa offers incredible plug-and-play usability and a beefy 2HP pump, the real star of the show is the robust 4 season heating system provided by Balboa. The system will sense the exact temperature and quickly and efficiently alter it to your liking. Its M7 heating system is typically found in much more expensive spas and with over 2 million of them sold worldwide, its longevity cannot be disputed.

The interior and exterior lighting system is 100% LED, which equals many years of power-sipping illumination, with the added bonus of offering many distinctive programs; static colors, flashing colors, color spectrum cycling, whichever you prefer. Last but not least, is the true portability of the unit. Weighing in at around 300 lb., the units weight and molded hand recesses means that portability is always possible.