Top Shelf Features, Affordable Prices
Introducing the 2018 Strong Spas Durasport Series.

Single Handed Operation Insulated Hard Cover

DuraShield Cover.png

The Indestructible Dura-Shield Hard Cover with Lift-Assist makes using your spa a breeze. One handed access means anybody, young and old can use your spa without assistance. Simply loosen attached clips, and easily lift each side using its padded cover handles, and you're ready to relax!
The foam-insulated cover means much higher insulation factor and ultimate strength.

Next Generation Insulated Lifetime Warrantied Body

Deluxe DURA-LAST spa body will stay looking beautiful for as long as you own it for, and will never rust, rot, or crack. Advanced insulation will keep your spa warmer, for longer. UV-protected resin body means spa can be safely installed completely in the open.


Starting at $2899, there's a Strong Spa for every budget


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Beautiful Finishes and Lighting

These spas have brawn and beauty. With multiple attractive finishes that look fantastic in any backyard, Durasport spas have multiple finishes that will look great in year one and beyond. Multiple LED lights set any mood, whether it be for a party or a quiet, relaxing night. Some models even have colored laminar streams that can be appreciated even when the spa is not in use.

A Multitude of Options

Starting at $2899, there's a Strong Spa for any budget and backyard setup. Many color options, sanitization systems, power requirements, and sizes means that a Brothers 3 specialist can help find a spa that fits perfectly for you and your family. With the premium quality of Strong Spas, any option you choose will be a family favorite for years and years.