August @ Brothers 3


In July and August at Brothers 3, we receive the most phone calls regarding clogged and dirty filters. Partly because all the months of pollen, dirt, and debris has finally caused maximum load, and partly because most vacationers choose these months to get away for a few days, and come back to dirty or green pools. High pressure (low flow) can be worrisome for new or inexperienced pool owners, with improper guidance leading many to add more D.E. than is required, or flushing it all out, and starting back with none in the tank.

If bumping the handle (while the tank is off) does not alleviate the low flow for more than 1-2 days straight, proper cleaning and recharging is recommended. We will detail the 'full service' way to clean and get your filter back to normal.

1) Turn off the pump and plug off the skimmer and return (1 ½" threaded inlet plugs are best)
2) Disconnect union from pump side, and remove hosing or union from return side
3) Loosen and remove all bolts around head/belt area (re-assemble to prevent misplacement)
4) Hose down all fingers thoroughly with hose spray nozzle to remove spent D.E., dirt, and algae
5) Spray Brothers 3 Filter Rinse thoroughly around all fingers to remove oils, organic materials, and lotions that lead to clogging (this step is often overlooked and can cause more frequent servicing)
6) Re-connect filter and with full water in tank bump handle 5-6 times and drain contents in tank one last time (this will expel any stubborn material inside the fingers)
7) Load correct amount of D.E. in through pool's skimmer using supplied orange/blue cup

Common Mistake: Loading incorrect amount of D.E. media upon new startup. Always add below amounts to ensure proper operation and reduce amount of servicing required.

Hayward ReGenX RG450 - 2 lb * Hayward ReGenX RG700 - 3 ½ lb * Hayward EC40 - 4 lb *Hayward EC50 - 5 lb * Hayward EC65 - 6 lb *Hayward DE3620 4 ½ lb * Hayward DE4820 6 lb *Pentair ECDE90 - 3 lb * Pentair ST80 - 5 lb * Pentair PLD50 - 6 lb

Print and Bring to Store for Discounts - Not combinable with other offers

Print and Bring to Store for Discounts - Not combinable with other offers